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Statistics on government procurement

Summary of procurement reported by year

Federal, provincial and territorial governments are required to report annually on all purchases at or above the threshold levels specified in Chapter Five (Procurement) of the Agreement on Internal Trade, as well as on purchases below these levels.  They are also required to report on specific types of purchases that are excluded from the Chapter.  The procurement statistics below only include purchases made by government entities covered by Chapter Five.  Entities covered under Annex 502.3 (Crown Annex) and under Annex 502.4 (MASH Annex) are not required to submit such reports.

Total by year : Table  |   Graph 

Total by government : Table |   Graph 

Exceptions reported

Chapter Five (Procurement) of the AIT outlines instances in which governments may use procurement procedures that are different than those prescribed by the Chapter. Governments are required to report on certain of these exceptions as outlined below:
Exception Reference in the AIT
Unforeseen situation of urgency   Article 506(11) (a)
Security or order, or protection of human, animal or plant life or health Article 506(11) (e)
Compatibility, exclusive rights, specialized products Article 506(12) (a)
Prototype or first good or service Article 506(12) (h)
Regional and economic development
Article 508(1)
Non-conforming procurement policies and programs Annex 508.3

Exceptions by year : Table |   Graph 

Exceptions by government: Table  |  Graph